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What is Netprachar !

NetPrachar is not a financial institution, it is not an investment firm, treasury, trust or investment company.It does not make stock pile of your money. It is not depositing firm or online saving vault. NetPrachar is an association where people can financially supported and cooperative each other.NetPrachar provides you a special high-tech platform which assist volunteers to join up with those who need financial assistance to those who are prepared to charity , for free. All transactions to another volunteers is your donation given by your own kindliness to another one, if you are totally agree and confident toward your action and make your decision to participate, we kindly ask you to study sincerely all warning and instructions first.

How does it work?.

NetPrachar is an association of people who provides each other economic aid on behalf of generosity , kindness and altruism. In NetPrachar you does not need to make any agreement towards your capital. In NetPrachar there is no moneylender and no borrower. It has very simple process- one contributor provides charity to another one. There is only one condition in NetPrachar that its contributors should be genuine, ethical and fair to each other . You ask for monetary favor when you need it , you provide financial favor when you are willing to do it.


There is no common account where all the system fund flows to and where it can be easily robbed or swiped from . All the fund is only on the banking account of the volunteer's themselves. Volunteers transact to each other directly , without negotiation and without the help of any brocking agent . NetPrachar only coordinate and regulates the system - nothing more.
So the system wholly depend on people. It is actual collective funding where common people help each other. How it works technically ? You announce your consent to charity ( click in your personal dash board on NetPrachar ID (here in after "charity"), after this contribution your account will be remunerated with blessing and sanctification ( internal scores of the system ) . You can get 30% of your charity per month on the behalf of your offering. ( calculation of reward occurs 1% per day ) . This blessing in honor shows how much you can participate for yourself. Order for your charity goes in your personal offices. You have to fulfill it within 48 hours otherwise you will be blocked from the system. Regarding any query our executives are there for your help and satisfy your all doubts.
Kindly mention that the use of the word 30% a month cannot be taken as a return or profit since the funds were given away, we are not making anything anywhere (we are a combine -aid fund) and nobody commit or assures to pay it.