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About Us

We are Ready We make excellent world and save the children.

NetPrachar is a ideology that motivate to educate the whole society and compete the today'race. 21 century is the age of internet. people are lacking without the proper source of knowledge/communication in this scenario. We are trying to provide social ,economical and mental security for those who are lacking in today's race. Necessity is the mother of invention assuming this ,we develop the NetPrachar as a NEED to the society. This is our aim to get education and prosperity to the whole society so we need your help for all those that are still neglected.

When help is being done selflessly this generate helpful hand and scene of support in the society. When we help people for any cause then it's outcome will be poor. it is a law of nature that every action must have a reaction, just following this rule we are here to assist people and motivate all to provide help. Donated money come back with happiness. Such kind of money always comes with prosperity in your life.